Praise God for His grace and mercy towards NATIVE Upper Primary School, where 75 students are studying in this academic year. The students are keeping well and healthy. The school follows the time table given by Sis. Frances.

All the children gather for assembly in the morning, and from 9 AM onwards they go to their respective class rooms. The teachers teach from the prescribed textbooks and help the students complete their work books and also write that day’s notes in their note books.

The kindergarten children follow the practice of washing their hands. After they reach the school premises, they are given milk with biscuits. The children are taught their lessons with the help of the teaching aids, charts and pictures. After lunch they are involved in playing indoor games. The students are doing well in their academics and are scoring good marks.

Children of grades 1 to 7 are all studying well. They take part in all activities and are regular to school. K. Dheeraj studying in 3rd grade excelled in his class above the others. He is regular in attending school. He takes part in every activity of the school.

Kolanti Yasa Sri studying in 5th grade, is a topper in her class. Her other 2 siblings are studying in NUP School as well. She takes initiative to get involved in all the classroom activities. Two months ago, her parents were separated due to family problems. At that time the school staff prayed earnestly, and the Lord answered their prayers by helping her parents to come together again, and they started living happily again. Please pray for this family that the Lord would help them in every area of their lives.

Nallabothula Siri studying in 7th grade travels every day from Nidmolu by transport provided by NUPS, which is 6 Kilometers away from the school. She has been studying in this school from Kindergarten, and her younger brother too is studying in this school. Siri and her brother taught their illiterate parents how to sign their names!

Cheeli Srikanth studied in this school till his 7th grade, and later pursued his higher education elsewhere. At present he is working as a Journalist. His mother Kumari testifies that her son is fortunate to study in this school, as he learnt great truths about God, and believed on Him, due to which he became successful in his carrier.