We are happy to report that in the academic year 2022-23, there were a total of 78 children in the school: 41 boys and 37 girls, from Lower Kindergarten through to year seven.

The school has five highly qualified teachers and two dedicated helpers.

These helpers are ladies who daily cook the deliciously fresh, nutritious  school meals that the children enjoy each lunchtime. They  also work as the school’s caretakers.

NUPS follows the Indian National Curriculum in all subjects.  The teachers teach all subjects, to their year group of children. Starting with Lower and Upper Kindergarten, the classes double up, forming two year age groups for each teacher, except in year 7 the top class.

We are pleased to have some news of young people who, having  completed the primary school years at NUPS, went on to high school and then into work schemes and  other Institutes of Higher Education.

Of these:

  • One student is studying a Bachelor degree in Technology (ECE: Electronics and Communications Engineering)
  • One student is studying a Bachelor of Science – Computers
  • One student is studying at the Indian Institutes of Information Technology (CSE: Computer Science and Engineering)
  • One is studying  – Bachelor of Commerce – Computers
  • Two students are studying – Bachelor of Arts
  • Six students are in the 2nd year of Intermediate studies
  • Five students are studying at  ITI  Industrial Training Institute
  • Five students are in the 1st year of Intermediate studies
  • Five students who studied at ITI industrial Training Institute are now working as mechanics
  • One student now works as a Tractor Driver
  • One student now works as an Autoriksha driver
  • 20 boys and girls got married.
  • Five children are studying in 10th class in High School
  • Six children are studying in 9th class in High School
  • 1 girl studying in 8th class in High School

We the Friends of Native who support the school,  send our very best wishes to all these young people, encouraging them to always work hard and to do their best, as they work towards fulfilling their hopes and aspirations in the home and work place.  We trust they will take with them a willingness to contribute towards the good of Indian society, as they live out all the excellent values they have learnt at NUPS.