Trastevere in Arte

‘Trastevere in Arte’ was an art exhibition held in the centre of Vicenza for several years. It bought together the works of art of around 150 artists and became a fountain of blessing for Native Onlus from 2007 until 2011.

At that time Frances Finch was president of the association, and she decided to exhibit the lovely art work done by some of the children at Native Upper Primary School instead of her own. It was a privilege to have this opportunity to show the work to the citizens of Vicenza who came to the exhibition.

The children’s art work still has a sweet and fascinating aspect. They draw pictures that reflect the natural wonder and variety of life around them.   The village, their houses, the children, the animals, the school, work in the paddy fields, the farmers, the different activities going on in the daily life of the village.

Their art work created a lot of interest. Lots of people stopped to look with delight, commenting on the innocent simplicity of their drawings of the subjects as well as the composition and skill. Many gave a small donation to take one home. Several artists were very generous, giving us a piece of their work to sell, to raise money for the school. At the end of every two day event, the artists were happy to participate, generally giving a small contribution as the box went round.

We remain very grateful to the organisers who gave us the opportunity to make known the needs of the school as well as enjoying and participating in the exhibition.

The school is ‘A Light that Shines in the Darkness’. We were always excited to let the children know how much their their art work had been appreciated. It was a great encouragement to them to continue to be creative.