NATIVE Upper Primary School (NUPS) offers free education with all benefits, including free transport, books, uniform, shoes and a sumptuous lunch. The school reaches the poorest among the Dalits and tribal children.

Over 400 students from 3 villages have passed through the school, in a country in which by far the majority of the millions of children cannot go to school, but tend cattle, or work as a farm labourer, or become economic slaves, with unfortunately many also being physically and sexually abused.

Thanks to the support from friends of NATIVE, we have been able to show compassion and provide a normal childhood to 409 children, and save them from abject poverty and illiteracy. NUPS has offered them a quality education and an opportunity to know their God-given potential, with human values and dignity.

A stepping stone to further education

The children have thrived on the opportunities we have created for them through education. Many have gone on to further education. To date:

  • 30 children have completed or are studying Bachelors courses;
  • 19 children are studying Masters;
  • 23 have been to Polytechnic;
  • 6 have studied engineering;
  • 4 nursing courses.

And the list goes on! Without your support all that has been achieved would not have been possible.

Generational change

Many of the children from our school have grown up and got married started families.

Unlike their parents who are illiterate, these families are educated and they will raise their own children well, being equipped to teach them many social skills learnt at NUPS. They are also able to teach the alphabet at the right age, and to prepare them to go to school, to gain proper skills. They will undoubtedly become better citizens of India!