Another exciting visit just in time!

Arriving at the smart International Airport of Hyderabad in January 2020 for another visit to the school, I couldn’t help but remember arriving for the first visit in 2000 and how different it was then. Now I marvelled at all the variety and impressive new developments.

After a few nights stay in Hyderabad the onward journey to Vijayawada is now pleasant and relaxing thanks to all the new infrastructure of modern new highways that have been constructed through the years. It was so interesting to see the actual construction taking place, on some of the visits during this time. So many of the Indian population working manually, helping to clear the way, moving all the rubble, paving the way for all these new roads.

There is no doubt India is a most amazing fascinating place, and it was good to be back to enjoy more time in this impressive country and to visit again the people who are so dear to me, who have become my Indian family.

There were four of us making our way to visit the school. As usual accompanied by NATIVE staff. We were very excited especially Jessica Sotera from Italy whose family and friends have been benefactors of the school for many years.

At last she was about to meet the children and staff, to see for herself the richness, the goodness of the peaceful environment and the orderliness of the school life. It was a very joyful occasion. There was lots of singing, games, crafts and stories for the children.

Every few years I’ve had the privilege of going to see how the school is developing, to assess its needs, to evaluate the funding, to make sure the school was receiving enough financial support to continue the education of these precious children.

It was great to see the children enjoying the swings, the climbing frame, the see saw and the slide, in the newly equipped playground area.

So the visit started with a deep sense of thankfulness, seeing the completion of three things the school had been waiting for:

  • The boundary wall was finished.
  • The playground was equipped with all the things children love to play on.
  • And a covering had been fitted over the area where the children wash their hands and the toilet area. It is now an area that will protected them from the rain.

It’s always a joyful occasion seeing each other again, and a joy for the visitors to get to know the children and to spend fun time with them. The sense of peace and orderliness is pervasive everywhere, everyone knows the daily disciplines, as they are followed by all, so the day passes pleasantly, without the hectic rush so often experienced in the bigger schools at home.

The children continue to have a delicious freshly cooked lunch every day in the new dining room. The Kindergarten children are served in their classroom.

I asked Tabitha for an updated, comprehensive list of the schools expenses. There is a need for extra funds.

A decision was made to honour two teachers MV and Peter, by giving them a scooter each. Transport to school, to run errands to facilitate helping the village people.

This proved to be very timely, because when COVID 19 struck the school had to close. These two men were able to collect and then distribute aid to the surrounding villages as well as to the families in Chinamuthevi.

The teachers were very grateful when they continued to receive their salary during the pandemic, and the children thankfully remained Covid free.

The school was closed for many months during the rest of the year due to Covid.

More details can be found in reports received directly from the school during this period In News 2019/2020.

So thankful to have made another visit,
Frances Finch