The Academic Year for NATIVE Upper Primary School was started on 12th June 2017.

All the children received Text books, note books, stationery, bags, uniform including shoes which NATIVE provided free of cost.

In the month of June the school applied for recognition of Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten classes. The local government official who is a Mandal Educational Officer (each mandal has nearly 25 villages) visited the school and signed the documents. Further the documents were signed by the District Educational Officer and by God’s grace the school now enjoys recognition of the Kindergarten.

Upon the state government’s rule, the school conducted War against Mosquitoes. Both children and teachers marched on the streets holding charts and chanting slogans to bring awareness and educate the surrounding villages to keep the villages clean.

In another program called Trees and Us, the teachers and students encouraged the parents and residents of the villages to plant saplings and protect trees as they are a boon to the mankind.

In the month of August the school conducted 2nd Unit Test. The children secured good marks.

On 15th August, the school celebrated Independence Day. The village President hoisted the flag and Pastor Sundar Rao shared a few thoughts from the Word that Christ gives us true freedom and that we must walk in that liberty and not come under the yoke of bondage.

All children were enrolled for UID (Unique Identification) Aadhar cards.

In September SA-1 (Summative Assessment) Examinations were held. Also a 3-Day children’s camp was conducted in which all school children and teachers participated.

In October “Small Hands” committees were organized. Each teacher was given 5 pupils and the children were divided into 3 groups – Toilets Committee, Drinking water and Running Water Committee and Hand Washing Committee were established.

In October Swach Vidhyalaya (Clean School) program was started. An app from the government was downloaded and every month toilets and surroundings photographs are uploaded. Also the children started singing Swach Vidhyalaya song in the assembly along with Christian Devotional songs and National Anthem.

In November the children had 3rd Unit Test.

In December they wrote 2nd Summative Assessment examinations; all the answer sheets were sent to Mandal Educational Office for marking.

Children’s Christmas Program was conducted in which all school children, Sunday School Children from church and children from the village also participated in the program. The parents of children witnessed their children perform skits, action songs and recite memory verses. All the children received Christmas gifts along with a piece of cake and sweets.

In February there was a circular passed to conduct “Ammaku Vandanamu” (Thanks to Mothers) program. This requires every child to call their mothers and make them sit on a chair and garland them with flowers then the child is required to touch the feet of the mother and thank them. But NUPS did not do this program instead on that day all the children were taught to Honor their fathers and their mothers.

The same month they had 4th Unit test and all the children secured good marks.

In the month of March the school was asked to conduct sports for girls and so they conducted sports for them according to the edict of the District Collector. And in the same month the Mandal Educational Officer visited the school and was surprised to see the children eat their midday meals with spoons and how they sat in order and washed plates and clean the dining hall. He praised and said that he had not see such cleanliness and discipline anywhere! He also said that if the government would implement such cleanliness and discipline how better the schools would be! Later he also ate the same food and was so pleased that such nutritious food was given to children and said praised the Founder and Director of NATIVE for such discipline and integrity. He also photographed the children eating with spoons and forks and other cleanliness and said that he would show to other schools!

Vehicle inspector visited the school and looked at the school van and said it is good to buy a new vehicle for new academic year starting in June!

In April the children had their Annual (Final) examinations and all did well by God’s grace.

We thank our Heavenly Father for giving all children and school staff good health and meeting the needs of the school. Also we thank our NATIVE Founder and Director Edgar Uncle, all our overseas friends and financial supporters for a wonderful academic year.

Pedamuthevi Keerthi studied in our school from class LKG to 7th. She secured 1st place in school when she was studying 7th class. Founder also given a gift. She secured 9.5 (out of 10) marks in class 10th public exam and stood first at her Zilla Parishad High School.

Then Keerthi joined Intermediate 1st year at a government junior college in Movva Mandal and secured 9.67 (out of 10) and stood 1st in her junior college – her college management had printed about her in the local newspaper. Glory to God she is from our school and secured 1st place.

NATIVE UPPER PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS & STAFF APPRECIATION DAY was held on 12th May’2018 where 7 staff families attended. Each teacher/staff introduced their families and had a relaxed evening. Edgar discussed school issues with teachers and encouraged them from Proverbs 22:5-6. Later each of the families involved in schoolwork received cash gifts and new clothes. NATIVE Admin Staff from Hyderabad also participated and organized a dinner for the school staff.