The school building has been developed well and great progress was made during the visit towards the completion of the new classroom, office, kitchen and dining areas.

The five teachers were enthusiastic in their work and welcomed the visit.

The teaching of English was limited due to the understanding and the pronunciation of the teachers.

The furniture is heavy and unsuitable for the youngest children who need flat/level tables and chairs and an open space to learn.


During the visit the classrooms were cleared of items on the floor and developed with shelving and display boards. The cupboards were rearranged to create more storage space. The rooms are now uncluttered. The cupboards are left unlocked during the day to allow staff access to resources.

Phonics were introduced to all classes and teachers and the first three books and CDs of the Fun Family Phonic scheme were left for the teachers’ use.

Golden rules were introduced to the whole school and a poster was made by the pupils in both English and Telugu.

Consideration was given to the layout and design of the kitchen and dining room areas, as well as the toilet and washing facilities.

Future issues


  • Toilet facilities to be finished – designate one for staff use in each of boys and girls areas initially
  • Cubicle doors to be 200mm off the ground and no higher than 1500mm
  • Toilets will need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a day (preferably twice) a day
  • Outside doors to toilet areas to be fixed open each day and locked shut at the end of each day
  • Steps to access toilets
  • Outside pathway to access toilets
  • Shutters on buildings to be adjusted so they fold flush to the outside walls.
  • Fixings on shutters to be improved (instead of using pieces of wires).
  • Kitchen furnishings
  • Porch over supplies entrance to kitchen
  • Washing facilities/sinks outside dining room
  • Roadway to the kitchen
  • Screens to side of dining area
  • Plaster and paint new rooms
  • Fit windows(?) to dining area


  • Grow hedging on boundaries
  • Develop a garden to grow crops – possibly in another team visit.


  • Marks on walls to be painted when the other rooms are painted.
  • Display boards to be updated with children’s work.
  • A small table and chair for teacher use should be available.
  • New classroom to have cupboard, three display boards to be installed and a shelving unit.
  • Lower Kindergarten tables and seats/benches to be made
  • Tidiness and cleanliness of classrooms – arrange for regular cleaning (possibly pay for a cleaner to sweep and wash classrooms and empty bins daily and one shelving unit each day – so that each shelving unit is cleaned once each week).


It would benefit the learning of English if the phonics are used daily using the new scheme to enable the pupils to speak with a better accent.

Areas to be developed with a future team visit:

  • Children in the Kindergarten to have opportunities to learn through play
  • Small games


To ensure better continuity of teaching it would be good for all staff to have some form of contract through which they are expected to remain at the school for a minimum period – preferably 3 years.

To support the teaching of phonics, at least two teachers should attend training as soon as possible (preferably at the OM centre in Hyderabad).

Other issues

  • Golden Rule type assembly once a week when a particular rule is considered and celebration of children noticed for keeping particular rule.
  • Breakfast provision – something simple each day
  • Youngest children to have rest period after lunch
  • Minibus to take first group of children home at 4.15pm
  • Children who are waiting can play games, make or draw something or undertake another activity. Older children to be responsible for helping younger children and for getting out and clearing away the things that are used i.e. scissors and paper, puzzles, outdoor games, music and songs, DVD. This could be planned with a different activity each afternoon. For example Mondays puzzles, Tuesdays craft – cutting and drawing, Wednesdays indoor games, Thursdays story telling/reading, Fridays outdoor games, Saturdays music and songs, DVD
  • Photos of “Friends of the School” and other photos of this nature to be displayed only (if displayed at all) in the school office.
  • Rubbish disposal in the school and the village
  • Drainage in the village